1970, 2017

Computer animation transferred to HD video 16:9, duration 7 min 1 sec

A visualization of the ‘Beatrix’ building (Utrecht, Fledderus, 1970) showcasing its original design. A representation of the economic and international ambitions of the city. Functionalist building principles provide an open floorplan, an environment of glass and concrete.

Old Habits, 2019-2020

Computer animation transferred to HD video 16:9, duration 6 min 58 sec

‘We are made to feel inertia, the drabness of time. Time is not just a neutral, light medium within which things happen. We feel the density of time itself.’

– Andrei Tarkovsky on his film Stalker, 1975

In ‘Old Habits’, we are spectator at two buildings. These buildings are visually quite different from each other, but are both set in motion by changing environments. The film reveals the traditions that these buildings follow, and with that the culture that they represent.

On Architecture, 2016

Short film, computer animation, footage, found audio, 6 min.

‘On Architecture’ is an experimental film about architecture as an artistic practice, as well as the result of a personal research to what architecture actually is. What defines this discipline? The various opinions on architecture depicted in the film could be applied to the video itself or architecture in general.

Borrowed audio (found in videos online, where contemporary architects explain their architectural vision) supports filmed footage and digital animated scenes.