Framing graphic art

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When it comes to framing (graphic) art, there are seemingly endless options. But, bearing in mind that framing a linocut or woodblockprint requires some specific things to take into consideration, I’m offering you some tips to help you frame your newly bought print! (Or, when you conclude that you would like your print framed by me, just use the contact form!)

Linocut ‘l’Étoile’ framed.
  1. Frame or no frame?

Yes! I advise you to give your print a sturdy frame. Ideally one that also fits a passe-partout. (More on this later…) A frame comes in many shapes and sizes. There are interchangeable and fixed frames, frames with and without anti-reflective glass, with and without UV-protections, frames made from solid wood and frames made of aluminium coated with wood veneer…
When choosing from one of these options, it mainly comes down to your personal taste. However, a frame with a glass plate with UV-protection is the best choice for the linocuts and woodblock prints that you can buy in my webshop. Because, as a result of this, the work is best protected in the long term.

  1. Passe-partout or not?

Yes, yes, yes! Always use a passe-partout with linocuts and woodblockprints. Firstly, this ensures that a small space remains between the printing ink and the glass of the frame. Printing inks for graphic techniques always (and permanently) have a certain oiliness to them. This could cause the print to stick to the glass after some time. In addition, the passe-partout also provides moisture regulation in the frame, so the artwork itself is less likely to suffer moisture damage in rooms where the humidity changes quickly.

If you purchase a passe-partout directly from me together with the print you buy, you are ensured of an acid-free product. Acid in (cheaper) passe-partouts can cause prints to yellow over time. I can also frame the work at an additional cost. Send a message via the contact form for these options. I can offer you a no-obligation quotation for the specific work you want framed!

Tip! If you frame your print yourself, pay attention to the color of the passe-partout: there are pure white passe-partouts, but also off-white, cream, beige or even entirely different colors and shades.

Hopefully the above tips have helped you on your way! If you still have questions, you can always reach me at shop[at]